Talk of the so-called “peegasm” is doing the rounds on the Internet advice factory once again, but don’t believe the hype, doctors are warning it could be a dangerous idea. Here’s why.

A Redditor started a thread about how their girlfriend holds in her pee for as long as possible because it gives her an intense orgasm when she eventually goes to the bathroom. Numerous other users nodded along and testified to the story, although some doubted just how sexual the sensation really was. Nevertheless, beyond this thread, it is not an unusual sensation for people to experience.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of why avoiding nature’s call is not a good idea, you’re probably curious about what is actually going on here, physiologically speaking. Well, the relationship between pee and sexual stimulation is a long and confusing one, especially among women.

“The clitoris, vagina, and urethra (which connects to the bladder) are located very close to one another,” sexual health consultant Celeste Holbrook, PhD, told Shape Magazine in 2016. “A full bladder can push onto some of the more sensitive and arousing parts of the genitalia, such as the clitoris and its branches. Many women use stimulation in one or more of these areas to stimulate the others.”

Now that’s cleared up, there are a few good reasons you really shouldn’t hold in your pee in an attempt to get your rocks off.

First of all, holding in large amounts of pee for too long can increase your chances of getting a urinary tract infection (UTI) or bladder infection as it allows potentially harmful bacteria to multiply in the urinary tract. Of course, holding in your pee for a short time every now and again is nothing to worry about, but doing it regularly will up your risk of getting one of these unpleasant infections.

If you hold in large amounts of pee on a regular basis, you can weaken your bladder muscles and run an increased risk of urinary retention as you age. Then again, this kind of thing generally happens in exceptional circumstances. For example, it’s not uncommon for coffee-drinking truck drivers or crane operators to regularly resist the need a pee for hours on end.

In extreme circumstances – and this is super extreme – it is even possible for your bladder to burst. This usually only happens in people who have heavily damaged kidneys from a pelvic injury, surgery, or disease.

So, moral of the story, holding in your pee occasionally is not going to kill you or pop your bladder. However, doing this daily could increase your risk of infection and other unpleasantries. Peegasm at your own risk. 

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