You have seen the pictures of Bolt, Pel, Woods, Maradona and more but can you remember the details behind the images?

This photo is from Muhammad Alis victory over Sonny Liston in 1965. In which round did Ali win the fight?

Megan Rapinoes celebration, which she calls The Pose, became famous during the Womens World Cup last year. Rapinoe was the joint top scorer at the tournament with two other players. Who?

This photo of Usain Bolt was taken at the Rio Olympics in 2016, when he completed the triple triple. Which of these nine medals has since been stripped from Bolt?

Roberto Baggio hangs his head as Cludio Taffarel celebrates at the end of the World Cup final in 1994. Baggio was not the only Italy player to miss in the shootout. Which two of his teammates also missed?

This photo captures the scene in Oxford in 1954 when athlete and junior doctor Roger Bannister ran the first sub-four-minute mile. How long did his record last?

We all know who punched the ball into net at the 1986 World Cup, but who was the last player to touch the ball before Maradona, kicking it towards the England goalkeeper?

This photo shows Brandi Chastain celebrating at the end of the Womens World Cup final in 1999, which USA won on penalties. Which team did they beat?

Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise their fists as the US national anthem plays during the 1968 Olympics in Mexico. In which sport had they just won medals?

Bobby Moore said this picture, from the World Cup in Mexico in 1970, was his favourite photo of himself. Who scored the only goal of the game?

In which stadium did Lionel Messi share this iconic celebration with the world in April 2017?

Tiger Woods lifts his putter on the final green at Augusta in 2019 to celebrate his first Masters title in how many years?



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