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Unfortunately for Ky, this isn’t the only photo that has caused a stir recently! Last week, several images of the Kylie Cosmetics founder looking very dressed down and entirely makeup-free (see them HERE) snapped by the paparazzi went viral online because they look nothing like what we typically see on Insta. We think she looks gorgeous either way, but the internet kinda freaked out about the whole thing!

Flash forward a few days, and a fresh set of snaps shot by the paps emerged, with Miz Jenner looking totally camera-ready (ch-ch-check them out HERE), and carrying a protective mask! It wasn’t long before critics jumped on Twitter to call out potential staging:

“Kylie Jenner’s unedited paparazzi pics breaking the internet and Kylie responding with hiring a personal photographer to post “pap” pics but made him edit them is the most hilarious thing ever”

“ofc Kylie Jenner staged her candid photos this time because y’all bullied her into it after the pictures of her without makeup went viral. just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she’s always ‘picture ready’ 25/8. she still has feelings”

“Kylie Jenner really got one subpar (unphotoshopped) paparazzi pic of herself leaked and had a complete identity crisis”

“Kylie supposedly staging a paparazzi shoot glammed up after everyone saw her out without make up actually makes me very sad”

We hope she knows she looks great with or without makeup and Photoshop or no Photoshop!!

[Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram.]

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