We live in a world where huge numbers of us are obsessed with a single person or family. It’s kinda weird when you really think about it; how millions of people around the world will tune in every week to “keep up” with the Kardashians – with some fanatics going as far as to actually put themselves through surgery in order to look like them.

Personally, I’ve never met any of my heroes, and if I’m being 100% honest: I’m very happy about that. I don’t know how I’d feel if I discovered that somebody whose career I’ve been following for years actually turned out to be a massive douchebag. Would I feel so betrayed that I feel like I’ve wasted years of my life worshipping a pr*ck? Or would I just shrug it off and continue to follow their career, all whilst having that niggling voice in the back of my head reminding me that they’re actually a truly awful person who doesn’t deserve my time or money.

Sadly, however, fame and money can go to a celebrity’s head, and this can cause them to become an egotistical, over-demanding, attention-seeking, self-entitled diva. Don’t believe me, well here are some first-hand account of when ordinary people like you and I met some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names – and it didn’t end well!

William Shatner

“William Shatner said he would give me an autograph in Hawaii when I was about ten . He said ‘lemme get a pen,’ got in his limo and drove off.” — Cptgonzo, Reddit

Rebecca Romijn Stamos

“I was rushing to work from my measly 15-minute lunch break when Ms. Romijn-Stamos decides to trip me. I know because I saw her (with my exceptional peripheral vision) stick out her foot to trip me! It wasn’t hard to miss given the fact that women has some long a$$ legs! I had my lunch in hand and obviously dropped everything when I fell.

“Her husband at the time, John Stamos, gives her the dirtiest look and proceeds to help me up. She then tells him in a whiney “I’m trying to be funny but I’m really coming off as a huge b*tch” voice, ‘Babe, just leave her.’ … Not only was I going to be late, but I dropped my lunch and skinned my palms attempting to break my fall.” — Chiara Duff, Quora

Bill Cosby

“I met Bill Cosby in the early ’70s. I was a teenage girl having breakfast with my mom at a restaurant in a town called Gaviota, on the 101 near Santa Barbara. … We were quite surprised when Bill Cosby and two other men came in and sat at the counter.

“I wanted his autograph, but I didn’t want to be rude and invade his privacy. I decided to ask anyway, because there were no other customers to bother him. The only paper that my mom had was a deposit slip out of her checkbook. … I kindly asked, ‘Mr. Cosby? I’m sorry to bother you, but may I have your autograph?’ He didn’t even turn around. He looked at the man to his left and rolled his eyes. He reached over his shoulder for my paper and pen. I handed it to him. He looked at it and said, ‘What is this?! A blank check?!’ And he and his friends laughed.

“He signed it and handed it to me back over his shoulder. I told him thank you, but he had hurt my feelings. He never even looked at me. I went back to my mom. I was crushed. My mom had heard and seen the whole thing. As we were leaving, my mom went up to him, ripped his autograph in half and threw it in the trash right next to him.” — Mary Ann Hubbert, Quora

Jean Claude Van Damme

“I used to work at a chain coffee shop in Santa Monica, Ca. … I’ll never forget how much of an a**hole Jean Claude Van Damme was. He came in, ordered a drink as I was working the register. We were instructed not to accept bills over $50 dollars because obviously that would take up almost all of your change in the till. Mr. Van Damme ordered a $4 dollar drink and wanted to pay with a hundred dollar bill.

“I asked him if he had a smaller bill because I could not accept a hundred dollar bill. He proceeded to scream in my face and make a scene about how sh*tty this coffee shop was. He told me to f*ck off and take his bill. I said I was sorry, but that I would get reprimanded by my manager if I did that, and that he would leave me without any change for the other customers. He told me to tell my manager to f*ck off (screaming) and said he didn’t want his order anymore gave me the finger, turned around and left.” — Carlos Riveroll, Quora

Gene Simmons

“He was signing these Rockstar brand promotional cards with a black Magic Marker, and giving them out to people who were lining up to get them. But the thing was, he wasn’t actually looking at the people he was signing cards for. He was just kind of holding them out for people to take, and if they took them within about five seconds, great, but if they didn’t, he would just drop them on the floor. It was like he couldn’t be bothered to lower himself to their level long enough to actually hand the cards over.” — Steve Drost, Quora

Check out this video of celebrities getting very angry with there over-zealous fans:

(Perhaps some of those fans went a little too far in their appreciation…)

Paris Hilton

“We were at the DVF fashion show after party and there were celebrities all over the place. I noticed two tall thin women just standing in a corner behind me, then realized it was Paris and Nicky. I turned around and said something like ‘How are you, Paris?’

“Her eyes were glazed over from who knows what and she never once looked at me, she just flipped her extensions around a few times and replied, ‘I’m killin’ it.’

“Which sounded more like ‘Em kullen eht.’ In the most extreme valley girl accent I’ve ever heard. I had to hold back a laugh while I took a picture with her, it really was the funniest thing I have ever seen and heard from someone who wasn’t joking.

“She really wouldn’t say one more word to me, she just kept flipping her hair around, jutting her hip out, and adjusting her boobs while she stood and gazed at the ceiling.

“I can’t say Paris was necessarily way rude, but just totally self-centered.” — Codi Stephens, Quora

Lenny Kravitz

“I haven’t met many but Lenny Kravitz stayed at the hotel I worked at. He had the hotel sign an agreement that the staff were not to look at him or talk to him.” — EatmySh*t, Reddit

Toby Keith

“He was doing a US tour with a stop in Vicenza, Italy. I was in charge of a Wounded Warrior program that assisted in transitioning soldier either into the civilian sector or back into active duty, depending on the severity of their injury or illness.

“He was scheduled to do a meet and greet, but not was unit level only. So, companies marched in, got a group photo and marched out. It was not a meet or greet. No individual photos, no autographs. Also, he refused to leave the bus for 45 minutes until he got a dip of Copenhagen. An MP who was doing security on the bus (standing guard outside) overheard the commotion and offered up his can. An assistant of Kieth’s took the can. No thank you or nothing, he just took the whole can.

“The performance the evening was to last an hour. The first 15 minutes were his band playing. He came out, worked for about thirty minutes, and the last 15 minutes was just the band. He wore a tracksuit. Didn’t move around much and said very little to the audience.

“Keep in mind, this guy panders to the military. He was also getting paid a lot of money by the USO. The girl who did the event coordination said she’d never had so much trouble with a bigger a**hole. And she was shocked to hear he was getting paid. Most USO tour groups with major celebrities only ask for enough money to cover staff and expenses.” — Dallas McKay, Quora

Claire Danes

“[It’s 1998] I’m fresh out of high school and working at my job in my hometown on Long Island which happens to be, at that time, the ONLY big, blue and yellow box, Swedish furniture store in New York. … My friend and I worked in a department at the main entrance and we spotted her immediately. There’s was just no mistaking her statuesque, model-like identity.

“We tried to follow and gently approach her in a way that would be polite and discreet but we didn’t even get to say a word to her before realizing she’s spotted. The next thing we know, she’s dramatically bolting through the furniture showroom like she’s being chased by a wild animal. Of course, employees and shoppers are now recognizing her due to these dramatic antics and there’s tons of excitement. She finally finds a manager and has a meltdown. She demands that she do all her shopping when the store closes and suggests that the store should be set up appropriately in the case of celebrity shoppers.” — Lenny Flazer, Quora

Keyshawn Johnson

“I was in Las Vegas airport on a layover. I was reading “Give Me the Damn Ball” by Keyshawn Johnson. I was 14 or 15 at the time. Behind me at the airport convince store? Keyshawn Johnson. 14-year-old me is super excited. He just signed with the Cowboys and I was a huge Dallas fan. I quietly said ‘I’m a big fan, and I’m reading your book’, from behind big sunglasses he looks at me and says ‘leave me the f*ck alone.’

“I was crushed.” — Grantacular, Reddit

Kris Jenner

“I worked for a Vespa dealer in southern California around 2010. She bought a scooter and I drew the short straw and had to deliver it to her Hidden Hills home. I knocked at their door and no sooner did her assistant open it, I hear Kris screech from the second floor, ‘DO NOT LET HIM IN HERE!’ in her Cruella de Vil-like voice.

“I said that is fine (as if I wanted to linger around there any longer than necessary) just tell me where to leave the scoot so I can get out of here. She says, ‘Out back. The garage should be open.’

“Upon getting to the garage i see someone with a dustbuster, cleaning the floor board of a GT3RS Porsche. I make my presence known and out pops Bruce Jenner. Since my douche of a boss had the same car, I knew a little about it and we talked cars for a bit. After which, he invites me into their house for some water. I was giddy with excitement as I knew Kris would be livid at the sight of me in her home.

“Sure enough, as Bruce was showing me the family Christmas photo and explaining how Lamar had to be Photoshopped into it, Bitchface came storming down the stairs with a look of rage on her puss. Bruce introduced me to her by name which was cool. After having enough of my being there and my sh*t-eating grin, she stormed off back to her upstairs lair.

“Bruce had no idea about what she told her assistant prior and that made my day. I dont care what Bruce/ Catlyn is up to these days but he (then) she (now) was very kind and down to earth at the time. Kris is a total bitch.”

— MMGTR, Reddit

(Taken from a Reddit and Quora)


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