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From festivals in Florida to touring Dracula’s digs in Romania, we round up the best destinations to visit this October. As summer abandons Europe again this October, eke out the last of the rays and raves in Ibiza, where nightclubs will be going out with a bang for the winter break. When the party finally stops head to the island’s north.

Apple 2020 iPad Pro 12.9in review: the best mobile tablet can now get real work done

Expensive PC-replacement tablet gains improved cameras, lidar and full mouse support, but its the software thats kingThe 2020 iPad Pro takes 2018s wow-factor redesign and beefs up the camera on the back with lidar (light and radar) technology, commonly used in self-driving cars, not tablet computers. Apple re-invented the iPad Pro in 2018 with a stunning design featuring large,...

For Open-Source Ventilators, Making Them Is the Easy Part

Hello again. In these times of enforced isolation, I’m thankful to have this direct line to all of you. Feel free to stay in touch through mail@wired.com, and use the subject line ASK LEVY, even if you’re not asking me a question. But do ask me a question—I’m running low.And a gentle reminder: For now, this column is free...

New Smartphones Are Coming. Will People Buy Them?

There are few certainties in a global pandemic, but smartphone launches—and rumors about upcoming launches—are apparently still a sure thing. In mid-February Samsung shipped its flagship Galaxy smartphone, hosting a large event in San Francisco (complete with fever scanners for the crowd). Last week 9to5Mac reported that a new iPhone will be revealed soon, a device that tech blogs...

Apple MacBook Air review: 2020’s near-perfect consumer laptop

Updated processors, a price drop and an excellent new keyboard only add to this fantastic traditional laptopApples latest MacBook Air has a new, fixed and more satisfying keyboard, improved processors and gets a price drop. From the outside essentially nothing has changed. The new 2020 MacBook Air looks just like the revamped machine launched in 2018, except it costs...

Mobile payments firms in India are now scrambling to make money

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder and chief executive of India’s most valuable startup, Paytm, posed an existential question in a recent press conference. “What do you think of the commercial model for digital mobile payments. How do we make money?” Sharma asked Nandan Nilekani, one of the key architects of the Unified Payments Interface that created a digital...

Chuck D says Flavor Flav still in Public Enemy, and split was a hoax

Spat over Bernie Sanders rally announced as catastrophe to wake people up, as new track is launched featuring both rappersChuck D has said that Flavor Flav is still a member of Public Enemy, and his recent firing from the group was a satirical hoax. On 1 March, Chuck D said the group would be moving forward without Flavor Flav,...

Jimmy Fallon Asks Quarantined People To Share The Exact Moment They Knew Theyd Gone A Bit Crazy From The Isolation (30 Pics)

At first, staying home seemed one heck of an easy task. It had it all—PJ’s all day without a sense of guilt, Netflix playing on repeat, and cocktail ‘o’ clock whenever you please. But it turned out, lockdown is a slippery business. A step too close from your home and you fall into the grips of cabin fever. So...

Half-Life: Alyx Shows VR’s Power, but Might Not Win Converts

The catacombs beneath City 17's Quarantine Zone are dark and infested with zombies. Possessed by alien monsters called head crabs, an iconic Half-Life staple, they wander the tunnels, attacking anyone they meet. You think you have a perfect trap: an explosive barrel in a pathway that's blocked by two zombies. Perfect videogame logic. You fire a quick shot from...

How to Clean and Disinfect Yourself, Your Home, and Your Stuff

There’s something deeply unsettling about stepping out of the home-from-work boredom of self-isolation into the tense, ambient panic of grocery shopping during a pandemic. Normal is a double-sided coin now. At home things feel hyperreal, and outside they feel entirely surreal—two steps removed from the flashback scenes in a postapocalyptic movie. You may feel a tension between helping yourself...

How to Upgrade Your Home Wi-Fi and Get Faster Internet

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread across the United States, many people find themselves working or studying from home. Which also means that they are stuck with their home Wi-Fi networks, many of which may not feel up to the task.Some cable companies have increased speeds for low-income customers. Others have suspended broadband data caps. But eliminating subpar...