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Africa’s Huge Locust Swarms Are Growing at the Worst Time

As the coronavirus pandemic exploded across the world earlier this year, another even more conspicuous plague was tearing through East Africa: locusts. The voracious...

Second wave of locusts in east Africa ’20 times worse’, says UN

UN warns of alarming and unprecedented threat to food security and livelihoods in the regionA second wave of desert locusts is threatening east Africa...

‘Zero accountability’: US accused of failure to report civilian deaths in Africa

US military vows to be more open about activities after allegations that teenager and farmer were killed in Somalia airstrikesFaced with new allegations of...

‘We don’t work, we don’t eat’: Informal workers face stark choices as Africa’s largest...

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)Many countries in Africa are imposing lockdowns on their citizens as they race to curb the spread of coronavirus. But it has...

What Africa can teach the world about beating the coronavirus

(CNN)As the spread of the novel coronavirus accelerates around the world, sub-Saharan Africa has largely been spared -- until now.The rise of Covid-19...

Seal attacks shark in Hout Bay, South Africa

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Hooded vultures ‘on brink of extinction’ in Africa after mass poisoning

Accidental ingestion of strychnine believed to be cause of nearly 1,000 deaths in Guinea-BissauNearly 1,000 hooded vultures have died in a mass poisoning in...

I drove my Jeep around Africa through 35 countries. These are some of my...

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