Why would anyone want to go full-nude at the gym?
Image: AFP/Getty Images

As a Planet Fitness member, you grow accustomed to the strange and unusual. Pizza night? Sure. Or, as I once actually witnessed, a fellow gym member working out in a business suit? Why not? 

Though it’s hard to shock fellow members of this particular gym chain, a man named Eric Stagno did just that when he decided to do some naked exercising at the Plaistow, New Hampshire Planet Fitness on Sunday, according to the Boston Globe. Stagno was arrested shortly thereafter.

Captain Brett Morgan told the Globe that when officers arrived, the 34-year-old was “completely nude: on his knees in a yoga-type position” in the middle of the busy gym.

“He walked into the gym, stripped down at the door, then proceeded to walk back and forth a couple of times before settling in on the yoga mats,” Morgan told the paper.

According to the Captain, witnesses were disturbed by Stagno’s nudity but said that he didn’t approach anyone. While he was found with “drug paraphernalia” on hand, it was unclear if Stagno was under the influence of any intoxicants.

When speaking with officers, Stagno apparently said that he was under the impression that the Planet Fitness was a “judgment-free zone,” according to Morgan — likely a nod to the gym’s famous “judgment-free” policy.

Stagno has been charged with indecent exposure, lewdness, and disorderly conduct, according to Morgan. He’s now out on bail and will head to court on September 21, according to the Globe.

We hope that the next time Stagno heads for the gym, he’ll remember to bring his work out clothes.

Read more: https://mashable.com/2018/07/24/man-gets-naked-in-planet-fitness/


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