Image copyright Ellie Tomlinson
Image caption Ellie Tomlinson said the scarecrows were her mother’s idea as a way of making people smile

The activities of a scarecrow couple have been keeping a town smiling during the coronavirus lockdown.

Ellie Tomlinson, 19, and her mother Hazel created “Bob and Brenda” to sit outside their home in Hinckley, Leicestershire, “to make everyone smile”.

They rearrange the scarecrows every day using a variety of props and costumes.

The straw couple has been seen sailing, fishing and even had a day at the races.

Image copyright Ellie Tomlinson
Image caption The scarecrows take part in a new activity every day

Miss Tomlinson said her mother thought of putting the scarecrows outside their home on Coventry Road after noticing there were more children outside.

“Mum was like, ‘I’m going to make a scarecrow to make everyone smile’, so we made one out of some old bedding,” she said.

Image copyright Ellie Tomlinson
Image caption “Bob and Brenda” had a day at the races after the Grand National was cancelled

When Bob was first put out, Miss Tomlinson said “everyone loved it”, so they decided to make Brenda as well and began creating scenes for the couple.

Miss Tomlinson said: “We bounce ideas between us but a lot of it is looking at the weather forecast and thinking of ideas we can do.

“We keep everything that we make for them so we can use it again but tweak it in a different way because we can’t go out and buy things.”

Image copyright Ellie Tomlinson
Image caption Mandy Palmer, who lives nearby, said seeing the scarecrows every day makes her feel “happy”

They’ve had to call in a few favours for some of their ideas, including borrowing a boat from a friend.

“Children have been leaving little notes and someone left us a box of chocolates, it’s lovely,” said Miss Tomlinson.

Image copyright Ellie Tomlinson
Image caption Ellie Tomlinson said coming up with ideas for Bob and Brenda is keeping her and her mother busy during lockdown

Mandy Palmer, who lives nearby on Merry Hurst Place, has been photographing the scarecrows every day and said seeing them makes her feel “happy”.

“It’s just brilliant. I don’t know where they get the ideas from – last week they were in a boat – the thought is amazing,” she said.

Image copyright Ellie Tomlinson
Image caption Bob and Brenda got into the spirit of St George’s Day
Image copyright Ellie Tomlinson
Image caption Many of Bob and Brenda’s activities are inspired by the weather
Image copyright Ellie Tomlinson
Image caption Bob and Brenda enjoyed watching celebrity scarecrow Worzel Gummidge on TV

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