Once upon a time, you used to have to have some kind of talent to be famous, but these days, it seems like that’s no longer a pre-requisite.

In the age of Honey Boo Boo, everyone wants to be famous for being famous, and now that’s being taken one step further with social media giving a helping hand to those who want their moment in the spotlight for not really doing a whole lot. There’s no need to get cast in a reality TV show when you can just create your own on YouTube.

But when you’re an Instagrammer, it still helps to have a ‘thing’ that sets you apart from the competition – for some that means sharing your daily workouts, for others, it’s bossing makeup hacks. For one Sydney-based Insta-star, the recipe is even simpler: it’s all about being half-naked, covered head-to-toe in tattoos and being filthy-stinkin’ rich.

Meet Yakiboy, a powerlifter who describes himself as a “Muslim Shia soldier” and has clocked up an enormous 63,000 followers simply by sharing his day to day life on the social media site.

He regularly posts images of himself inside luxury cars, posing in a Versace robe, glugging champagne and flashing a diamond-encrusted watch. In one image, he is pictured reclining in bed, reaching for a lamp made from a gold-plated Beretta handgun worth more than $1800, with a silk sheet between his legs.

To be fair, if I put myself through workouts like this, I’d probably be keen to show my bod off too.

Yakiboy shows just how he earned his insane muscles:

That said, he’s almost always nearly naked.

His dignity-saver of choice is a pizza emoji. Now, I’m not meaning to be critical here, but if you’re going to brag about you giant “anaconda” – his words, not mine – shouldn’t you at least stretch the pizza a little bigger? I mean, no one is actually going to see the pepperoni underneath, so you might as well elaborate.

Worryingly, however, his posts often edge over from flirty to slightly frightening: “Your Sleeping At Night You Wake Up & Find Me In Your House My Balaclava Hiding My Face & MyRigFit Undies Hiding My Anaconda What You going To Do In This Situation? 🤔🐍🙋🏻‍♀️” he captions one photo of him wearing only a balaclava and a pair of boxers.

Is now a good time to mention that he’s about to be a father?

As you’ve probably noticed, Yakiboy has quite the collection of body art, with almost every square of inch of his physique covered by tattoos.

Among the highlights are the word ‘King’ in cursive script across the back of his head, a skeleton that dances on his gigantic arms, red lips that adorn his neck and what can only be described as a phallic-shaped tattoo pokes up from above his waistband. Making up for something perhaps? Just saying.

Not everyone is such a fan of Yakiboy, however, with the ‘star’ having attracted criticism from some who have lambasted his lifestyle for being in opposition to the Muslim faith. Earlier in the year he shared a screenshot of a Snapchat he had received which asked: “Are you ever scared that on the day of judgement allah [sic] will ask you about your tattoos?”

In response, he hit back saying: “F***k you. allah [God] watch my inside not like u and all the rubbish people judge anyone with eyes”.

However, the criticism kept coming, with another person commenting on his Instagram: “Tatooed [sic], alcohol and Muslim? I don’t think so”.

No one exactly knows how Yakiboy made enough money to fund his lavish lifestyle, but he denies that it is anything to do with organized crime, as some have suggested.

He was previously firm friends with Pasquale Barbaro, a notorious Sydney gangster who was murdered in November 2016, and had posted photos of them enjoying holidays together. Following the death of Barbaro, who is believed to also have been acting as an informant, he said: “My only regret in life was being friends with that dog Pasquale,” adding: “I didn’t know he was an informant”.

Admittedly, I’m not always the biggest fan of social media influencers at the best of times. But surely, surely, we can do better than this guy?

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